Pay only for the use of your computer equipment

Computer equipment and devices is one of the assets that most quickly suffers from depreciation and obsolescence. Instead of spending a large amount of money to buy all kinds of material, EticData proposes a rental system, adapted to the needs that your business requires at all times, paying only for the use of these assets.

Nowadays technological innovation is constant, and more and more companies opt for the renting service, instead of buying material. This is a beneficial option for your business, however before making a decision you should have the appropriate advice for your needs. For this, the EticData team is committed to providing unique solutions to each type of client, with a personal advisor who analyzes and manages the requirements of your business, with the purpose of adapting the concept of renting to your business.

Renting, what does it consist of?

Renting allows you to rent computer equipment in the medium or long term, establishing a minimum affordable monthly fee for any activity.

We offer a renting service to small and medium-sized companies, for computer equipment, thus allowing up-to-date maintenance of all the company’s devices, with a minimum investment.

This constant fee helps to improve the cost planning of your business, so its management improves significantly, having all your hardware and software needs covered.

Advantages of Renting

You will deduct taxes, since the rental of material is deductible.

It allows you to enjoy the good, without the need for a large outlay.

It allows making long-term forecasts, thanks to the system of quotas and fixed terms.

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