Microsoft will update its prices in March for Office 365

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As Microsoft already announced last August, on March 1 there will be an increase in the prices of Office 365. These changes will only be effective in packages for companies, maintaining the current price for individuals and educational products.

The products and licenses that will be affected and their increase are:

Microsoft 365 Empresa Premium: 10%
Microsoft 365 Empresa Basic: 20%
Office 365 E1: 25%
Office 365 E3: 15%
Office 365 E5: 9%
Microsoft 365 E3: 13%

This price increase will be around 20% compared to the prices in force up to now.

Also, as of March, the way to buy or renew Microsoft 365 licenses undergoes an important change, these will be done through the new New Commerce Experience (NCE) that Microsoft has launched, in order to facilitate and simplify the process. shopping.

In the new NCE we find different contracting options:

Monthly subscription

With the monthly subscription you will have the possibility to buy your Microsoft 365 licenses on a monthly basis with no annual commitment, this type of subscription having a fixed price with a price increase of 20% compared to other subscriptions.
This subscription allows you to change the number of licenses month by month, both to increase and decrease them.

12 month subscription

This subscription model is for 12 months, its price will remain fixed throughout the period. Offers the option of being billed monthly or in advance (annual lump sum payment).
This subscription will allow you to increase but not decrease or cancel your number of licenses.

36 month subscription

With this subscription you will acquire a commitment to Microsoft for 36 months with a fixed price for the entire period, with the option of being billed monthly, annually or in advance.
This subscription will allow you to increase but not decrease or cancel the number of licenses.

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