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Zero Trust
Security is stronger with
Lenovo and Microsoft together

Zero Trust.
The future of cyber protection

The secure hardware and cloud equation is a unique partnership: Lenovo has joined Microsoft in a unique partnership, a in which ThinkShield-powered hardware is added to Microsoft cloud security services.

Today, most workers need to be equipped for hybrid work. As a result, threat protection must span multiple clouds and different platforms.

This creates a complex digital environment that can become a hidden port for unknown threats. Enforcing security policies across all devices and different digital layers turns out to be a truly daunting task.

The Zero Trust approach deviates quite a bit from traditional network security where there is a “corporate perimeter” or devices connected through a VPN

Zero Trust’s guiding principles are: “Never trust. Always check.”

In today’s world of hybrid work we shouldn’t trust devices by default, even if they are connected to an “authorized” network.

Zero Trust assumes that an attacker is inside the network. Trust is established based on context, such as the identity and location of the user, the security state of the device, and the application or service being requested. There are policy checks at each step.

This ensures that only the right people with the right resources on secure devices can access your data.

Control, protect and manage with the advantages of cloud security solutions

Zero Trust extends to many parts of IT, but protection starts with modern Windows 11 devices, user identities, and endpoint monitoring.

Protecting identities and end devices is the critical first step in establishing a Zero Trust strategy. Identities and devices are the top two areas targeted by identity credential stealers, phishing emails, ransomware, other malware, and advanced threats. Combine Lenovo Windows 11 devices with Microsoft cloud security solutions to implement a Zero Trust strategy.

Experience, knowledge, business solidity capacity and an exclusive team of experts that will support you in your adoptions in the cloud, definition of security policies and implementations. As a Microsoft Authorized Cloud Solutions Partner (CSP), Lenovo offers the full portfolio of Microsoft cloud services, including Microsoft 365 and Azure services.

EticData can help you to develop the security strategy Zero Trust for your organization. We help you!