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A computer tailored to each person

Hosting and management of your IT systems

We offer hosting services in data centers located in Barcelona, which offer the maximum guarantees of availability and security.

We help to deploy or evolve our clients' information technology infrastructure, allowing us to reduce costs and at the same time enabling the rapid development and deployment of new solutions for your business.

Managed, Assisted or Self-Managed Hosting.
You choose how!

Three contractual modalities for you to choose if you want to completely outsource the management and administration, if you prefer only occasional assistance or if, on the contrary, you want to have complete control of it.


We take care of the management and administration of your server


We assist you when you need it


You control your server, manage and administer

Scalability - Availability - Security - Performance

Scalability and flexibility is, without a doubt, one of the aspects that companies value most, allowing efficient optimization of resources and associated costs at all times.

Guarantee security by allowing identification and authentication of users, whether they are users of applications, systems or networks.

Choosing the appropriate technologies for the implementation of a high-performance secure system entails the analysis, at all OSI levels, of the existing technologies, in order to apply the configuration that is considered most appropriate to the needs.

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