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Optimize your company's IT security

Comprehensive security: prevention, detection and reaction

Today's companies face growing complexity in their corporate environments: remote access from anywhere, users with multiple devices, their own servers connected to servers in the cloud, and a long list of technological challenges. At EticData, we take care of reviewing the weak points of your infrastructure to prevent attacks and we design a secure environment through versatile, flexible perimeter protection that is as simple as possible for the user.

Strategies to optimize IT security


We offer an advanced monitoring solution for IT systems in order to visualize and control the state of the infrastructure.

EndPoints Protection

We audit, configure and optimize advanced network solutions to control and prevent the intrusion or infection of your IT systems.

Strong authentication, thanks to multiple authentication options and 'Single Sign On'

Malware control and virtual patching

Navigation Safety

Email security, Antispam, ...

Perimeter Security

We audit, configure and optimize the security of your systems to avoid incidents that may affect the security of your IT environment.




Device Control and Management Systems (MDM)

Bulk installation of applications on devices.

Control of programs and applications.

Access control and blocking of devices.

Location and tracking of any device.

Remote wipe of data from any terminal

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