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We are global providers of IT solutions and services

EticData is a young IT services company with more than 10 years of experience in the sector. Our main objective is to find solutions that cover all the specific needs of our clients’ IT resources, offering them global coverage.

Based on in-depth knowledge of the business and IT challenges of each client, whatever their size or sector, at EticData we offer suitable solutions in a flexible and reliable way.

  • EticData It began its trajectory at the turn of the century (1999-2000), in the midst of the development of portable computing and the growth of digital storage and the Internet.
  • Later on, we consolidated our computer system maintenance services and the first server consolidation projects.
  • We are committed to training in virtualization and cloud server management, due to the fervent demand from companies with high volumes of data management.
  • Currently, the growth of EticData has required the incorporation of new professional profiles, giving the possibility of developing new services and thus covering all types of incidents and providing personalized services, tailored to each of our clients.


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