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What is Dynamics 365?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a business management software in the cloud that brings together the best Sales (CRM) and planning (ERP) features of Microsoft Dynamics together with office and collaborative tools, as well as Business Intelligence (BI).

Microsoft Dynamics 365 turns all the business solutions you’re used to into an all-in-one solution that you can customize to fit your business and your needs.

How does it work?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 combines two categories of tools:

Managing all your relationships with clients (CRM) is what you need for commercial operations. The databases of clients and the members of the sales team, together with the automation of services and marketing, form part of a standard CRM system. In this category, it also includes anything intended to facilitate interaction between clients and the growth of sales.

Enterprise resource management (ERP) solutions are the ones that help us to monitor financial data, together with powerful compatibility modules, field service monitoring and resource management. The eines ERP allow companies to manage large arrays of resources and information in real time.

What includes?

These are the business applications that are part of Dynamics 365


This application will help you manage the data of your clients and operations directly in Outlook. You'll be able to create personalized documents and emails for your sales team and connect with customers on LinkedIn to learn more about their company and employees.

Dynamics 365 customer service

This application will provide your customer service agents with all the information they need from a single platform. A 360-degree view of each customer, including a complete history of interactions and preferences.

Field Service

This app will make your field team more efficient. You can manage service agreements, choose the right technician for each job, and monitor inventory from a single application.

Dynamics 365 Marketing

This application will help you automate your company's marketing processes to make smarter decisions and generate new leads through multiple channels.

Project Service Automation

Are you struggling to deliver your projects on time and within budget? This app will make it easier. You can create plans with specially designed templates that can be reused and adjusted for each project. Choose staff based on their specific skills and experience.

Dynamics 365 Operacions for Retail

This application offers your sales representatives all the information they need about the products they sell. Sales staff will be able to answer customer questions about the order and shipping status without having to contact another department.

RR.HH. Talent

You'll be able to find the right candidates and streamline the entire hiring and onboarding process with Talent. This app is fully integrated with LinkedIn.

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365

Full integration of all systems

Improvement of business processes

Better adaptation of the products

Increased customer loyalty and engagement

Increased user productivity thanks to agile tools and a very familiar interface

Quick transfer of your business to the new online environment

Full integration with Office 365 collaboration and productivity tools

Guarantee of total availability and security of your business data, since it is stored in the Azure cloud (cloud)

Significant cost savings

What business processes does it cover?

Dynamics 365 and allow me to accurately understand, understand and manage in real time all that happens to each of the areas of the company or business.

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