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How to improve your online presence

From the digital strategy to its implementation we take care of all your needs in Digital Marketing

We create global strategies in different channels such as: SEO Positioning, SEM Positioning, Social Networks, Social Media Campaigns and Email Marketing.

SEO Positioning

With SEO positioning we will help you attract more organic traffic to your website and get better search results in Google (or other search engines).

What is SEO positioning?

SEO positioning (Search Engine Optimization) is the application of a set of techniques to a website to improve its visibility in the different search engines (in Spain the most used is Google, with a 92.31% share).

What can we do to improve your SEO positioning?

After analyzing your website, we will develop a strategy tailored to the needs of your company or business.

Once the ideal strategy for your company or business has been designed, we apply a set of measures focused on improving the position of your website in Google, or other search engines, which can be carried out both inside and outside your website, these being:

posicionamiento seo

SEO On-Page

It encompasses all the techniques that we can perform within your web page, whether at the level of structure, internal linking, usability, content, speed, optimization,...

SEO Off-Page

It is the set of techniques that we carry out outside your web page, such as Link Building strategies, registration in directories,...

SEM Positioning

We create optimized Google Ads campaigns so that your website appears before the organic results of Google, when your potential customers enter words related to your product or service.

What is SEM positioning?

SEM positioning (Search Engine Marketing) is paid positioning in search engines. It consists of buying PPC (pay-per-click) ads that are distributed in strategic places on the results pages or SERPS of Google or other search engines.

What can we do to improve your SEM positioning?

Through Google’s online advertising program (Google Ads), we create ads to reach your potential customers when they are interested in a product or service in a Google search.

This tool allows you to create ads in different formats: Search, Google Ads display campaigns, Mobile Ads, YouTube Ads and remarketing, Shopping,…

posicionamiento sem

Social Networks

We optimize and manage your Social Networks as a showcase for your products and/or services, grow your community and interact with your potential customers.

Every company or business needs to have a presence on social media, regardless of its size or sector, as it is a great opportunity to connect with its potential audience, gain visibility on a large scale, get quality sales or leads,…

With a good strategy in your social networks, your followers can become not only customers, but they will not hesitate to recommend your brand to other users.

Depending on the habits of your target audience, we will create and manage accounts on one platform or another such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, Pinterest…

redes sociales

How do we do it?

1. We define your objectives and design your strategy

We will carry out an audit to define your online reputation, we will select the correct social networks, we will study your competition and we will create a strategy to achieve your goals.

2. We prepare a content plan and an editorial calendar

Monthly, we will elaborate the contents that will be published and when in your social networks. In them we will include the day of publication, type of content, texts, images and links, for your approval before starting to publish them.

3. We monitor and analyze the results

We will monitor the activity generated in each of your social networks, measuring the results, to continuously update our strategy in order to meet the objectives set. You will receive a monthly report with all the details of the activity of your social networks.

Email Marketing

We take care of creating the best Email Marketing strategy for your type of business.

What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is a communication tool with your target audience that allows us to send messages to their email, the reception of which the user has previously authorized.

This massive sending of emails included in your database with different objectives: information, loyalty, recruitment, marketing,…

A good email marketing strategy will help you retain your customers.

email marketing

How do we do it?

1. We define your objectives and design your strategy

We will analyze your current situation to define your objectives in your email marketing campaigns, as well as your target audience.

2. We prepare your shipping plan and a calendar

We will define the different types of emails you will send (newsletter, promotional campaigns,…), when and to whom (segmentation of your contact list)

3. We monitor and analyze the results

We will set up your KPI’s and track the results.

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