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Etic DaaS
(Device as a Service)

Pay only for the use of your computer equipment

Optimize your IT assets and resources with our Etic DaaS (Device as a Service) service, a pay-per-use IT equipment contracting solution

What does our Etic DaaS (Device as a Service) service consist of?

Etic DaaS (Device as a Service) is a service through which companies can hire the entire park of hardware and IT services necessary for their business, through a subscription.

With it, your company’s equipment, accessories and IT services will always be up-to-date and covered by our support service, since we take care of the maintenance, security and updates of your computer equipment.

This service provides budgetary control to your company by not making large outlays on new equipment and incidents are covered.

The service is paid in comfortable monthly installments, previously established according to the equipment you want to include in the subscription. The fee can be modified according to the needs of each moment, either by adding or removing equipment and IT services from the subscription contract.

24/7 support

Immediate availability

Flexibility for your company or business

How do we do it?

1. Analysis

Together we will analyze the needs of your company in order to offer you the appropriate solution.

2. Order

We define the different profiles where each employee will be assigned the devices that best suit their work.

3. Delivery and commissioning

All equipment is delivered configured and ready to use, so you will not have to worry about a thing.

4. Monitoring and assistance

Devices are continuously monitored throughout their life cycle. We take care of solving any problems that may arise.

Has a new colleague started working? In that case, you can easily extend the solution.

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