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Reliability, performance and storage for your company.

At EticData we have the best storage solutions that guarantee the security and integrity of your company's data

We offer you a wide variety of storage solutions, guaranteeing the security and integrity of your company’s data.


On certain occasions the needs of your company or business go through the acquisition of a server or a storage device.

From EticData we advise you based on your needs, since it is not the same to acquire a server if you plan to virtualize, use a client/server application, a mail and web server or simply as file storage.


Create, edit and synchronize your documents, spreadsheets,… in real time.

File server and synchronization

Synchronize all your files regardless of the environment: Windows, macOS and/or Linux.


Store your files in a virtualization environment.

Mail and/or web services

Set up a secure, reliable and private mail server with a web client to increase your productivity.

Virtual machine on a NAS

Easily host multiple virtual machines in one.


Protect your databases.

Take advantage of the power of all our storage solutions

Features and Benefits


Being scalable with the ability to adapt and respond is very important to ensure the performance of your company’s storage infrastructure as the number of users and/or data growth increases significantly.


A server configured and optimized to suit each client guarantees the best possible service. It is for this reason that, as companies constantly change, we provide flexibility to storage infrastructures so that they can adapt to their needs.


Given the constant increase in threats and vulnerabilities in systems, the loss of information from databases can lead to catastrophic consequences, which is why it is essential to maintain maximum security. For this reason, it is important to guarantee the highest level of protection in both data and access, allowing the identification and authentication of users, whether they are users of applications, systems or networks.


Our storage solutions guarantee their permanent operation without failure, maintaining the integrity of your databases to give continuity to your company or business.

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