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IT Professional

Support for your IT infrastructure

With our Professional Services we offer support at different levels for operations and maintenance of any IT infrastructure. Applying for all this different services and solutions

We have the human team necessary to face technological challenges: managing, planning, supporting and monitoring the service(s) in person or remotely.

Database, systems and applications administration service

This service consists of the administration of databases, operating systems, storage, applications, server infrastructure, networks,… to optimally maintain the managed systems, thus minimizing the risk of mishaps.

We administer and manage the systems based on the principle of proactivity, thus avoiding possible disruptions in the service.

The automation of maintenance actions in managed systems allows them to be maintained in an ideal way, making you worry only about your company or business, and not about your IT infrastructure.

administracion de sistemas

We will advise you to develop optimization strategies based on performance analysis: CPU, memory, disk usage and bandwidth.

We carry out all the necessary activities to keep these resources in service, including: Updates and patches, 24/7 monitoring, performance and availability management.

Monitoring Service

Our monitoring systems allow the status and availability of the systems and applications infrastructure to be known at all times, as well as proactive performance management.

The monitoring service detects anomalous behavior of the monitored infrastructure, in the event of an alert it sends a notice to our support services to resolve the incident or problem in progress.

We apply this service to:

Operating systems

Applications and/or Databases

Physical and/or Virtual Servers

Storage Services



Integrated in hybrid environments

It allows complete and reliable monitoring in both physical systems and cloud-based systems.


Created and designed according to the needs of each client


Able to adapt as new applications, new protocols or services appear.

Multi platform

Option to receive alerts and notifications via email, SMS, social networks or by phone.

Virtualization and migration solutions

Our virtualization and migration solutions range from the start-up of new infrastructures to complex integrations and migrations of virtual or physical machines to a Cloud platform with the least impact on your business.

We carry out an exhaustive follow-up at each stage of the migration, designing adapted migration plans for databases, hardware and other applications.

The migration plan allows us to properly design the destination server environment before we begin, based on technical requirements for flexibility, redundancy, service level, etc. All this allows us to avoid data loss, delays and unnecessary costs.

From the conviction that each migration is unique, we study each case to be able to carry out an optimal migration plan, based on the type of applications, the volume of data, the type of source and the physical or virtual destination, taking into account:

Architecture and integration

Equipment installations

Infrastructure and data migration

Data Protection Services

virtualizacion y migracion

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