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Networking and

Networks for companies

System integration

Companies need to establish control over who and what can connect to the corporate network

At EticData we believe that communications must allow secure access to information at any time and anywhere. That is why we provide agile and optimized network solutions that guarantee the availability and security of information, with a high level of protection and efficiency.


LAN networks

Connectivity for physical and virtualized servers

Storage, applications and users

Design, development, implementation and maintenance of your communications networks

High performance networks

Simplification and optimization of network architecture

Improved network performance

IT cost savings


We design and install the most appropriate WIFI solution for the structure of your company.

We have extensive experience in WIFI projects with numerous AP's installed, theoretical and field studies in multiple environments.


The job is no longer anchored to a fixed position. Smartphones, tablets and collaborative environments… the worker can work from anywhere, with multiple devices or with their own (BYOD). For this reason, we build stable, safe and quality networks, adapted to the new labor paradigm.

BYOD – Bring Your Own Device- access control and protection

Device Density

Diversity of Applications

Efficient and scalable networks

Configuration of corporate wireless networks

Learn about our
Device as a Service (DaaS) service

If you are interested in purchasing new equipment and do not want to invest your entire budget, we present our Device as a Service (DaaS) service, through which, for a monthly fee, you can incorporate and keep your computer equipment up to date.

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